Best circular saw blade for composite decking

Many DIYers and woodworkers are looking for the best circular saw blade for composite decking. Then this article is going to help a lot. Let’s understand what composite decking is.

Composite decking is the process of cutting or trimming composite decking boards to get the desired shape. Composite decking is made up of a combination of wood fiber and recycled plastic materials. It is the best alternative to traditional wood decking with increased durability.

A circular saw is considered best for decking composite. A variety of blades are capable of performing this task and fit perfectly in a circular saw. The right choice of the blade depends on the thickness and length of the board.

A blade should be equipped with a fine carbide-tipped tooth. It should be capable of making straight cuts on composite decking.

The best way to cut composite decking

The process of cutting composite decking should be done carefully. To ensure the cleanliness and accuracy of cuts choose the blade with more teeth. The speed will be less but the cuts will be perfect.

The blade with fewer teeth will increase the speed of the blade but the cuts will be rough.

In the case of slow cutting the burning of material can possibly happen. And we know plastic gets heated up and melts immediately. So, the blade with 40 teeth will be perfect for composite decking.

Prepare the work area to ensure a clean and stable work surface. Set the composite decking on a sawhorse to avoid wobbling.

Use measuring tape and a pencil to mark the area which needs to be cut. Measurement is done to ensure the accuracy.

Set the saw depth to more than the thickness of the composite decking.

Secure the position of the board with clamps to avoid movement during cutting.

Now, cut carefully according to the guided marks. Cut slowly for accuracy. After the cutting process smooth the cut edges.

Best circular saw blade for composite decking

Here we have enlisted some best circular saw blades for you to get the best one for your composite decking.

Diablo’s Trex Blade

Best circular saw blade for composite decking, Diablo's Trex Blade

Diablo’s TrexBlade is the best circular saw blade for composite decking. The blade is 7-¼ inch in diameter. Its arbor is ⅝ inch.

Its item weight is 0.15 pounds. its 44 modified Triple Chip Grind-MTCG teeth are best for fine cutting. It controls the speed of the blade and prevents the material from melting because of heating. 

Its high-density carbide is designed to maximize cutting life in composite decking materials and plastics. A laser cut stabilizer is there to keep the blade straight and give high-quality cuts without any roughness.

Thin kerf design makes faster cuts with the requirement of less power. There is a Perma shield on the blade to avoid gumming and corrosion and protect the blade against heating.

Diablo’s TrexBlade is mostly recommended by experts for composite decking because of its maximum performance and highest finishing quality.

Freud D0744CD trex composite decking saw blade

Best circular saw blade for composite decking, 
Freud D0744CD trex composite decking saw blade

This product is highly reviewed because of its outstanding is ideal for high-quality finish cuts. its diameter is 7-¼ inch while the number of teeth is 44 which are modified Triple Chip Grind to enable the blade for melt-free cutting. Its kerf is .065 inches thin to provide underpower fast and clean cuts. its hook angle is -3 degrees.

A Perma Shield which provides a non-stick coating reduces drag and protects the blade from heating, gumming, and corrosion.

This blade is mostly used by DIYers and professionals to get ultra-fine finishing for their is recommended by the Trex company for composite decking because it is maximum in performance and high in finishing quality.

Bosch DCB1072CD

Best circular saw blade for composite decking, Bosch DCB1072CD

Bosch triple chip grinds tooth geometry is specifically designed for composite decking and gives clean cuts in abrasive materials. Brute carbide is used in this blade with upgraded C3/C4 micro grain carbide formulation to increase resistance impact for a long time.

The thin kerf design provides fast cutting service and ensures less material wastage. A fast and effortless cutting can be done with this blade.

This blade is versatile as it is compatible with portable table saws and miter saws also. It is designed with extra hard steel to deliver more accuracy and resist deflection. The blade edges are designed in such a way that they will provide extreme performance for specific materials. Overall its manufacturing quality is the best.

What kind of circular saw blade is for the composite decking?

The blade should be capable of making straight cuts. The number of teeth should be less to avoid melting. Usually, a blade with more than 44 teeth is considered the best blade for composite decking.

A thinner jigsaw blade is another option because it can do better curves in composite decking. Its higher flexibility allows you to make curves easily if you want to create design cuts. 

Writers opinion

The best circular saw blade for composite decking is one that fulfills all the prerequisites of an ideal blade. Composite decking is the process of cutting and trimming boards. To do this cutting effectively it is important to choose the right blade.

While buying a blade, check the number of teeth of the blade. Check its brand value and research something more about its features. We have given a list of blades that are perfectly used with a circular saw. Hope so it will make your experience stunning and you will have a fine finish.