What is the best circular saw blade for cutting corrugated metal?

Cutting of corrugated metal is a hard task but it can be performed well if you carefully handle the saw. A circular saw can cut hard corrugated metal with an ultra-fine finish. You only need to choose the right and quite stable blade for this purpose. You should have knowledge of circular saw blades for cutting corrugated metal. The main purpose of writing this article is to give you the best-branded blade to make your work easy.

A corrugated sheet is shaped into parallel folds alternatively grooved and rigid. Its surface is not straight and equal to other materials. So, for woodwork, it becomes a little bit tricky to handle the saw on this surface. The second and main task is to shape the corrugated sheet into the desired design, which is quite difficult.

Your safety always comes first. While cutting the metal wear gloves, and glasses and keep yourself away from the spark.

For buying the right blade check out its specification and features.it is very important to check whether the blade can fulfill your need or not. In the next part of the article, there will be a list of those branded blades, which are specifically designed for cutting corrugated metal and highly recommended by experts and professionals.

How to cut corrugated metal with a circular saw

The cutting process of corrugated metal is done carefully. It is a little bit difficult to do but with the thorough research and experience, we have made it easy for you What is the best circular saw blade for cutting corrugated metal?

  • Gather all the necessary tools and equipment at your workplace. It includes safety goggles, work gloves, measuring tape, chalk, and clamps.
  • Clean the area where you are going to work. The surface on which you will put the corrugated sheet should be stable, clean, and smooth.
  • Use the measuring tape to mark the length and dimensions on the sheet. Double-check the measurement before proceeding.
  • Use clamps to secure the sheet on the surface to avoid movement and wobbling during cutting.
  • Wear safety goggles for the protection of your eyes, hands, and body from metal shards and sparks.
  • Set the saw, and adjust its cutting depth. The depth should be more than the thickness of the metal.
  • Hold the saw firmly and start cutting. Follow the marks for accurate design. Move the saw smoothly and steadily. Avoid fast movement it can lead to rough and inaccurate cutting.
  • Complete the cut and don’t touch it until it has cooled down. Inspect the cut whether it is accurate or not. Use sandpaper to smooth its rough edges.

Best circular saw blade for cutting corrugated metal

The best circular saw blade for cutting corrugated metal is one which is affordable in price, gives precise and fast cuts, and has a long life. Here is the list of those blades

IRWIN 7-1/4-Inch Metal Cutting Circular Saw Blade, 68-Tooth (4935560)

What is the best circular saw blade for cutting corrugated metal?

IRWIN 7-¼ inch blade is specifically designed for straight cuts in metals. It provides anti-vibration laser cuts.it is constructed with metal cutting-grade carbide teeth for durability. For improved safety, it has anti-kickback tooth shoulders. It also prevents sparks and reduces dust. This product is ideal for cutting thin metal.

The blade is designed to reduce wear to provide longer life.it is the best blade for those metalworkers who are looking for a safe cut. As it is easy to use and fulfills all your cutting needs. Its 68 teeth give a standard fine finish.

Malco circular saw blade for steel

What is the best circular saw blade for cutting corrugated metal?

Malco circular saw blade is a technically perfect blade for steel cutting. its mild steel capacity is 16 gauge. The diameter of the blade is 7 ¼, it fits perfectly with the circular saw. The number of teeth is 56 to give precise and clean cuts. its arbor size is 16mm. While the blade spins at the speed of 5800 RPM. The product weight is .5kg.

Its specially designed c-6 carbide tipped blades are compatible with all brands of portable saws. there is an abrasive disk for cutting ferrous metals. It makes clean cuts in metal studs, light-angle iron, and thin pipes.

Oshlun SBF-054030 5 ⅜”30-Tooth MTCG Blade

What is the best circular saw blade for cutting corrugated metal?

One of the most affordable blades is the best for metal cutting. You can easily use it with the branded portable circular saws. It is designed with c-6 Tungsten carbide material to increase the life of the tool. With some sparks, it can cut copper, iron, and other ferrous metals quickly.

Its wide range of applications made its reputation high among the users and now it is highly recommended. It is a dust-free blade. There is no hardened material used in it And it gets heated up when it is used without any break.

Milwaukee 48-40-70 Circular saw blade 

What is the best circular saw blade for cutting corrugated metal?

Milwaukee circular saw blade is designed with steel to maximize its durability. The main function of this blade is to make metal cutting tools.

Most professionals prefer to use this blade instead of others because it is a powerful cutting tool with a large diameter and thin kerf. A thin kerf allows cutting the material quickly with accuracy. It also reduces the amount of resistance during cutting, resulting in more efficiency.

The blade’s 30-carbide tooth grind makes the cutting faster than other blades.

It is a little expensive compared to another saw. It is suited for ferrous metals only.

Final thoughts

It can be summarized that a circular saw is the best tool for corrugated metal cutting. What is the best circular saw blade for cutting corrugated metal? is one which is hard in material and sharp in cutting. While cutting safety precautions should be kept in mind.

The blade should be with a standard number of teeth, able to make fine cuts. It should be coated to prevent corrosion and gumming.

If you are experienced to use a circular saw you should do corrugated sheet cutting. If you are not familiar with circular saw do not perform it and seek the assistance of a professional.