Where is the serial number on a rigid table saw?

I have seen many people on the internet searching for the location of serial numbers on a rigid table saw. Users search for the serial number as it is very important to note it for several reasons. For the replacement of parts, safety recalls, and warranty claims every woodworker should know where is the serial number on a rigid table saw?

If you are replacing part of a table saw make sure that the serial number accurately matches. Product model number and brand type are also essential but the correct serial number helps a lot. If you are a buyer and buying a rigid table saw. You can verify the condition and age of a table saw through its serial number.

What is a rigid saw?

A rigid table saw is a powerful tool used for several cutting tasks by woodworkers. It is a stationary saw with a flat table surface and a mounted blade.

Its adjustable fence helps to guide the workpiece through the cut. A rigid saw is designed safely to prevent accidents.

A rigid is the best saw to make precise cuts with reliability and durability. Use it carefully and avoid direct contact with the body.

Why is it important to know the serial number on a rigid saw?

It is very important to know the serial number of a rigid saw and its exact location because of many reasons.

Replacement parts

For the replacement of rigid saw parts, the correct serial number is integral. It is a time-wasting act to search out the accurate part of the saw. You get frustrated and tired. If you know the serial number of the part you immediately demand the shopkeeper the exact part.

Warranty claims

If there is a serial number on the rigid saw it will help to speed up the process of warranty claims. A warranty claim is necessary for woodworkers who owned saws. You can register it online or by manufacturer instruction the warranty can be claimed.

Resale value

If you are a buyer and buying a saw. The correct serial number ensures reliable resale. You can check the condition and verify the age of the saw. So the sale process is smooth and transparent.

Safety purpose

Some safety recalls are also done by serial numbers. If there is any problem in any part of the saw the manufacturer can trace it by using the serial number. You can also check problems by serial number and fix them.

Where is the serial number on a rigid table saw?

Here we will discuss the correct location of the serial number on a rigid table saw. Though the location of the serial number depends on the model you owned but here are some general steps to indicate the serial number.

Serial number on the body

To trace the serial number on the body unplug the saw. To inspect the saw look thoroughly at its body. See marks and labels on the saw. There is the possibility of serial numbers written on labels or tags. It might be possible that the location of the serial number will be nearer to the switch or motor. After. Through thorough checking, you can find the serial number, and note it in your notebook to save it.

The serial number on the manual book

There is a manual book or instruction book with every product. An instructional book by the company for complete guidelines for the user. The serial number can be traced by the manual book. Check out the whole document thoroughly. You will find the serial number on early pages or labels. Save it somewhere else.

Online registration

Visit the official website of Ridgid Saw. Register your product there. When your product will be registered you will be able to access your account. Your account will provide you with all information related to the product including the serial number. You can note your saw serial number easily by online registration.

Contact customer services

If you still have not got your product’s serial number contact customer services and ask them to help you.

How to do online registration of a rigid saw?

If you want to register your ridgid table saw online. first, visit the website of the rigid Saw. Select the Product Registration and enter the correct information about your product. Give the correct serial number, date of purchase, and other information on the manual book asked by the website. Submit all the information and register your product. The registration is completed and the account is activated.


It can be concluded that the rigid is a powerful tool for making precise cuts. Sometimes it is asked where is the serial number of the rigid table saw. It is located on the body of the saw, on a manual book, or can be traced through a rigid website. There are many benefits of a serial number including resale values, safety purposes, and warranty claims. You should register your product online to get a warranty.