What is the best Circular Saw blade for butcher block?

Are you looking for the best circular saw blade for butcher blocks? Than you are at the right place. We will inform you how to choose a good circular saw blade.

Cutting off the butcher block is a heavy-duty task. A Circular saw is the best tool to cut it. A circular saw can be used without a table. Generally, we need a blade that has 60 carbide-tipped teeth. Make sure that blade is able to cut ¼ deep cuts.

Do not pressure the blade and move slowly while cutting. Ensure straight cutting when making deep and long cuts. The guide should be still in the correct position when you stop it.

How to choose the best circular saw blade for a butcher block?

If you are getting confused about choosing the blade for cutting the butcher block. Then we are going to make some points clear to you which will help you to choose your blade.

The type of blade also depends on the thickness of the butcher block. Choose the blade of a reliable brand.

The number of teeth on the blade plays an essential role in finishing the task. Everyone wants an ultra-fine finish. For this purpose, at least 60 teeth saw blades should be used. For more effective results you can choose the blade with more teeth but you can’t use less than 60 teeth. A blade with fewer teeth can damage your block or can leave marks on the block.

Blade kerf means the thickness of the blade. Blade kerf also directly affects the cutting of thick blocks. The higher kerf is guarantee of fast and accurate wood cutting. Approximately the kerf blade should be ⅛ inch thick.

Blade length is another factor that affects the performance of the blade. Choose a blade with a small length because it spins faster and uses less power. While the large length of blades takes time to spin and consumes more power.

The blade size should be according to the circular saw. Ensure that it is fit properly in other cases it can damage your project by producing heat and can wrap itself.

Different types of blades

There are different kinds of blades used for butcher block cutting. The choice of the blade depends on the project and desired outcome.

Rip-cut blade

A blade with fewer teeth and large gullets allows it to cut the grain of the wood. For cutting a thick butcher block rip cut blade is ideally used for making long and straight cuts.

Crosscut blade

A crosscut blade with more teeth than a rip-cut blade produces more smooth and fine cuts. For clean and precise cuts on a butcher block crosscut blade is the favorite blade of woodworkers.

Combination blade

As the name shows this blade is a combination of rip and crosscut teeth. It is easy to handle and allows you to make versatile cuts. Choose a combination blade if you want to perform both types of cuts on the butcher block.

List of What is the best Circular Saw blade for butcher block?

Twin-Town TTW71460

Twin-Town TTW71460
Item Weight238 Grams

Its 7-¼-inch blade is simply and precisely designed. The blades’ tungsten carbide teeth are furnished to provide high resistance.

The blade is not only capable of cross-cutting but also can be used for ripping in materials for example hardwood, softwood, plywood, and chipboard with outstanding finishing.

This blade is also compatible with a miter saw, circular saw and table saw because of its diameter, which allows it to spin at the speed of 8300 rpm for cutting.

Kerf is 1.8mm which makes quick and effortless cuts. This blade doesn’t allow minimal material to get wasted. The feature of laser cutting gives a noise-free and vibration-free cutting. It also keeps the blade cool and reduces blade wrap.

Diablo D0760A

Diablo D0760A
Product Dimensions1 x 7 x 7 inches238 Grams

The blades’ micro grain carbide with Titanium makes it a unique cutting tool. It is designed with a combination of Cobalt and Titanium. Diablo 7-¼ inch blade with 60 teeth is a perfect blade with an ultra finishing feature.

Its more durability as compared to other blades make it a perfect pair of circular saw. Diablo is able to resist harsh conditions. It can’t be easily wrapped. Its strong and hard manufacturer material enabled it to stay in bad condition. To keep it rust-free and to enhance accuracy in cuts sand it after some time.

There is a Perma Shield coating on the blade which protects the blade from friction, abrasion, high temperature, and heating.

One bad thing about this saw is that it doesn’t work with soft materials while with other materials it is very good.

Freud LU85R012 12-inch saw blade

Freud LU85R012 12-inch saw blade
Product Dimensions12.25 x 12.25 x 0.38 inches

Freudenbeger is a crosscutting saw blade with 96 teeth,1 inch Arbor and a Perma shield coating. The Perma shield is there to protect the blade from friction, abrasion, high temperature, and heating.

Its weight is 3 pounds. its compatible materials are alloy steel and metal.

Its kerf is .116 inches which makes accurate and fast cutting even in a thick and bulky block. Alternate Top Bevel is 38-degree tooth with positive cutting angle. Freud blade itself is designed with a silver coating which reduces heat, eliminates rust and corrosion. It maximizes the blade’s life.

The anti-vibration feature is the surety of flawless cuts. Its carbide tooth increases its durability and flexibility. There is the world’s best steel plate used in it, which ensures its ultimate accuracy and long-term use.

Freud D0760A 7-¼” circular saw blade

Freud D0760A 7-¼" circular saw blade
Product Dimensions‎1 x 7 x 7 inches

The Freud D0760A blade is designed in such a way that it can make fast and precise cuts. For cutting a butcher block the combination of Freud is best with a circular saw.

The 7-inch blade with 60 teeth helps to make clean finishing.  Its cutting diameter is 7.25 inches.It is compatible only with the circular saws.You can’t use them with other saws.

This product is highly reviewed and used by woodworkers because of its reasonable price and outstanding features. A little sanding is required after some time to improve its accuracy and speed. There is no flaw in it. It doesn’t wrap after a few times. You can use it long-term.


In conclusion, I can say that the cutting butcher block is a hard task. But it has become easy with the best circular saw blade for butcher blocks. There are some fast, accurate, reliable, and durable blades in the market with ideal specifications. All the above-mentioned brands are highly ranked and reputed. All the blades are best in their material, length, speed, accuracy, and kerf. Choose any of these blades and make your task easy.