How to reset overload on a table saw

A table saw is a powerful tool that suddenly trips because of many reasons. One of the major causes is an overloaded table saw. We will tell you not only How to reset overload on a table saw; A comprehensive guide also indicate the factors behind the tripping of a table saw.

We can minimize these factors by cleaning a table saw properly. The maintenance is the surety of its long-term use. The protection of the motor is directly dependent on the overloaded switch.

This article is going to be very informative for you. So, stay here to get your problem solved related to the overloaded table saw.

Why does a table saw overload trip and How to reset overload on a table saw

Here is the indication of some factors because of them a table saw stops working. If you notice any of them immediately control it. These reasons are;

  • If you are using dense material it can overheat your motor and the saw suddenly trips. Heavy materials always give more power to a saw which is why motors get heated soon.
  • The uninterrupted use of the motor can also cause the saw to stop the saw. The motor gets heated when it is used without breaking.
  • Check out your blade if you saw it is getting overloaded. A damaged blade always needs more power to make cuts. And if it uses more power the motor will be heated soon and trip the switch.
  • Too much running the saw on electrical appliances is more harmful to the motor. It immediately gets heated up because the power supply is more than the consumption.

How to reset overload on a table saw Follow Best 7 steps

Here are some steps to be followed for learning how to reset overload on a table saw and reset overload on a table saw.

Unplug the table saw 

First, unplug the table is very necessary to do this if not then it can harm you. You will not be able to Reset the overloaded table saw without doing so.

Reset button 

You will have a red button right close to the motor. Locate its position on the saw. It plays an integral part in resetting the table saw.

Clean the area 

Use a brush with soft hair to clean the area around the button and motor. Clean it very carefully.

Press the button 

Press the red button for approximately 3 to 5 seconds. You need to press it continuously till the recommended time.

Plug the table saw 

Now, plug the table saw and start it. Check out its performance if it is working well it means you have unsuccessfully reset the overload on a table saw. If the saw is not working well repeat the whole procedure.

Replace the blade 

After the repetition of the procedure, your saw is still not working. Check out your blade if it is damaged, replace the old one, and install a new blade. Because the old blade consumes much power.

Turn on the table saw 

After the installation of a new blade plug the table saw back to check out its performance. If again you are facing difficulty in using the table saw visit a professional one to reset it.

Another important thing is to check all the above-mentioned reasons that stop a table saw and fix them. After fixing them your table saw will work perfectly.

How to reset an overload switch?

The continuous trip of the switch is an indication of a serious problem. Here are some recommended steps that you can do to How to reset overload on a table saw.

First, unplug the device or machine on which the switch has tripped.

Press the reset red button. Press and tell it for a few seconds.

After pressing the button wait for a few minutes before starting the machine.

Now plug the device and turn it on. This time interval will allow the machine to cool down if it is overheated.

Test the device or machine working properly. If not visit a professional one.

You have noticed that trips always happen because of overheating. If any appliances are given more power than their consumption it will be a great threat to your machines.


It can be concluded that a table saw can stop working because of overheating or some other reasons. But we should know how to reset overload on a table saw. The main problems which I consider a big cause for the stop of a saw are overheating and damaged blade. A damaged blade consumes more power while all this extra power cause overheating. The use of electrical appliances without break can damage your machines and the motor of the table saw.