How to mill wood with a table saw?

A quick and easy guide

If someone wants to start milling at home and doesn’t know how to mill wood with a table saw? This article is exactly for them. I have compiled a complete quick and easy guide to milling the wood at home.

Every woodworker has a dream to mill wood at their home and workshops from a trunk. It is possible with the wood table saw mill on a small scale. It is a game of only a few hours. After reading this article you will be able to design your own wood mill efficiently and professionally.

Why do you need to make a table saw mill?

There are many reasons and benefits of getting a wood mill with a table saw at your desired place. let me elaborate on them with examples.

  1. A table saw is used to make a board thinner, and narrow and cut it down to the desired shape. it is considered best for dimensional lumber.
  2. A table saw is also best for joinery. Woodworkers use it to make recipes precise cards and create joints to fit tightly. for example, dadoes, rabbets, and grooves cuts of include in this category.
  3. The correction of width can be done by installing hardwood flooring. it is used before milling the boards.
  4. Another reason for using a table saw for milling purposes is its decorative feature.  Fluted columns raised panels and decorative models are done in the woodworking project with the decorative features table saw.

Some specific techniques to mill wood with a table saw

Mill wood with the table saw can be done in different ways with specific results. Here are some techniques which can be used for milling wood with table saws.

rip cutting

Rip cutting

The most common technique is ripe cutting with the table saw. It involves the cutting of boards length-wise by adjusting blade height and fence. If you will hold the blade correctly against the fence and push it with pressure the board will cut finely.



Cross-cutting is used for perpendicular board cutting. to do this adjust the blade and angles against the miter gauge. Cut the board carefully while using a miter gauge the board through the blade.

Dado cutting

Dado cutting

Dado cutting is another technique of cloth cutting into a board. generally used for joining boards together. For dado cutting adjust the height of the blade and fence So it will be cut into a board. slowly push the board at the desired depth and position. at last, make multiple passes.

Groove cutting

Groove cutting

Groove cutting is the across cutting instead of lengthwise cutting. it is a little bit similar to the Dado cutting. to cut the groom adjust the blade and fence exactly like dado cutting at the desired position and depth. The position should be against the fence and board and after that make the multiple-cut passes.

How to make mill wood with a table saw step by step

I will completely tell you how you can mill wood step by step with accurate guidelines.

Let’s Start to mill wood with a table saw at your desired place.


The first part of preparation includes the junction of the wooden planks with the help of Glue and nails. Add some small triangle with two wooden planks to make it stronger. Apply some screws at the front and back and where it needed. Screw individually maximize the strength of the wooden planks.Make a clamping system, make a hole at the bottom and place washer. On the top of the washer place a Bolt. Lubricate the washer with Grease before place the Bolt. Make two notches to lock the Bolt in the washer. After making clamping block place a  -nut into the hole.Place that T-nut on the side of the clamp block. Make two holes at the block place on the base.Now the clamping system is ready.

Adjustment of the base

The next step of adjusting the base of the table saw mill. the base consists of three long boards which turn into two slots. these two plot help to adjust the jig.

 Make this with three plans with the help of blue and nail. distance from the fence to move it freely.

Use some knobs

Use some knobs to adjust the size of the log that you want to millKnob helps  to keep firmly fix the sliding clamps.

Place the clamps on the base

The next step is to place the clamps on the base. Place the clamp on the base of the wooden table saw mill. Before placing knobs add a washer. A good pressure distribution is ensured by the washer.

Use fence and add hook

Before milling wood make sure everything is accurately positioned at the place. Use fence and make a hook for your convenience. The milling jig flipped over double milling position. The hook that is present on the fence controls its movement. Hook ensures the comfortable work.Use brad nails for the thickness of the hook.

Final thoughts

It is very easy to mill wood with a table saw. You only need to keep in mind some tips and techniques. Milling wood with a table saw is a beneficial project for those who are dreaming to own it at home or a smaller scale .All the steps mentioned in the article are pre experience by me. I have shared my personal experiments with you so you could make your best with us. I hope that this data will help you a lot.