How to change the blade on a craftsman 16 scroll saw?

Hey, are you a scroll saw user? And you don’t know how to change the blade on a craftsman 16 scroll saw?  In this article, all of your queries will be answered and you will be able to replace the blade on a craftsman who scroll saw.

A scroll saw consists of a narrow blade organized vertically between two arms. It is used to cut shapes and designs into thin pieces. Scroll saws are used to make decorative items such as fretwork, inlays, wooden puzzles, fancy clocks, and intarsia artwork.

To perform these projects a craftsman needs to change blades. While changing the blade keep in mind some safety precautions. Keep your fingers and body a little away from the blade to avoid injury. Before replacing the blade you must read the manual instruction given by the manufacturer company.

A scroll saw should be maintained well. Observe some parts which need to be repaired. Check out broken parts and bind them stably.

Accurately choose the size of the blade for the material to be cut. If the blade is not adjusted correctly it may damage your skin and cause hazardous results during the task.

Some safety precautions while changing the blade on a scroll saw

While performing any task like repairing and readjusting it is very important to do some safety precautions. You should be properly safe to avoid injury. Some important precautions while replacing the blade on a scroll saw are;

First, unplug the scroll saw from its powerhouse. Make sure it is off. If it is in working condition the replacement will become difficult for you.

Wear some appropriate gadgets like gloves, masks, and glasses. These gadgets will protect your eyes, hands, and face from being wounded.

Remove the old carefully and dump it into the rubbish. While adjusting the new blade use the proper tool. Follow all the instructions available in the manufacturer’s guide related to the replacement of the blade.

Once your blade is seated properly, make a test task carefully.

How to change the blade on a craftsman 16 scroll saw?

To change the blade on a scroll saw you need to keep in mind certain things.

Unplug the scroll saw.  Make sure it is not working.

Keep the direction of the blade towards the table. And the blade tension knob should be on the top of the upper blade clamp. To remove all the tensions, turn tensions, turn the knob in an anticlockwise direction.

Before starting repair and replacement unplug the scroll saw from the source to avoid damage.

Choose the correct shape, type, and size of the blade to make a decorative design.  The specification of the blade depends on the material being cut. The right choice of blade surely keeps you from injury. There will be fewer chances of errors.

First, remove the old blade and insert the new one and read out the instructions. Follow all the rules and steps to change the blade and make sure it is seated securely.

Tight the blade to avoid deflection.  Make sure the blade is aligned properly.  It will stay away from twisting and bending while cutting.

If the blade is set accurately in its place, check it before starting the project.  Test the saw by making straight and vertical cuts. This test is done to confirm that the blade is installed successfully and is functioning properly.

What types of blades on a craftsman scroll saw?

We have learned above how to change the blade on a craftsman 16 scroll saw. Here we will learn the types of blades and compatible blades with a craftsman scroll saw.

Plain end blade

This blade doesn’t have pins to settle the screw. Clamps are used as the replacement of pins to set a screw. This blade is thin and flexible.

Spiral blades

Spiral shape with the teeth wrapped around the blade. You can use these blades for cutting in any direction. Spiral blades are used for designing and detailed cutting.

Double tooth blades

These blades are designed with two teeth on the sides and help to avoid detection and bending. Usually used to cut harder material.

Standard tooth blades

The most common blades used in scroll saws. It is designed with teeth with even space easy to use. Standard tooth blades are used for cutting a variety of materials.


In all the above discussions we have learned how to change the blade on a craftsman 16 scroll saw. The replacement of the blade becomes easy when it is done step by step according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. While changing the blade keep yourself safe from the injury. For this, you can use gloves, a face mask, and glasses. The appropriate choice of the blade helps to set it properly fixed. There are also some specific types of blades specially used for a scroll saw. Which makes curves, straight and vertical cuts for designing purposes.