How to change blade on Ryobi scroll saw?

Ryobi scroll saw is used by woodworkers to perform some specialized is a powerful tool for making complicated cuts for designing purposes in wood, metals, plastics, and other materials.

Anyone who uses a Ryobi scroll saw or other types of saws are familiar with its maintenance and replacement process. A Ryobi scroll saw user definitely knows how to change the blade on the Ryobi scroll saw. But if you are a newcomer in this field we will tell you the same procedure with complete guidelines. Surely after reading this article, you will be able to replace the blade of your saw without anyone’s else assistance.

Ryobi scroll saw is compatible with two types of blades and these are pin end blades and plain end blades. The right choice of the blade should be done and if it needs replacement stay on this page. we will guide you step by step through the readjustment of the blade. keep remembering blades are always sharp to make cuts be careful while using and replacing them.

How do I know if my Ryobi scroll saw blade is dull?

Before the replacement of the blade, you should know whether the blade is dull or not. The dullness of the blade can be observed through various indications.

If you are finding it difficult to cut with the blade it needs to be changed. You put more pressure to cut materials and it makes more noise than the normal condition.

It burns the marks of cut it may be rusting or black signs in the wood or plastics. In this case, the blade does not produce clean cutting.

Another indication of a dull blade is its rough edges. These edges are damaged and as a result, the cutting is also rough and jagged. It happens when the blade has become old. A long time use of one blade causes problems like this.

You have noticed that sometimes your saw’s speed is less than usual. It is closely related to the blade efficiency. If the blade is dull it reduces the speed of the saw and takes more time to cut material.

How to change blade on Ryobi scroll saw?-step by step

The replacement blade is a little bit tricky. If you don’t do the procedure carefully it may injure you. So, let’s start with some safety tips which need to be done in any case.

Safety Tips 

Security always comes first. Before starting the process wear gloves, glasses, and mask. The gloves will protect your fingers from being injured by the sharp blades. Avoid the direct contact of the body with the blade.

Unplug the Ryobi saw

To avoid any accident unplug the saw. If it will be in a working position you will not be able to replace the blade as surely it will be in working form and it can cut your fingers.

Lose the blade tension 

Lose the tension on the knob and lever. In this case, the blade will become less right and you can easily remove it. If the tension will be high the blade will be tight and a tight blade can’t be removed.

Remove the old blade

Now the tension has been loosened remove the old blade from the saw. As the blade is joined with holders. Unclip the blade holder by removing the screws.

Install new blade

After the removal of the old blade, install a new blade on the blade holder. This procedure should be done very carefully. A little carelessness can cause a huge problem for you and result in injury. Clip the blade holder with screws. You can also use manufacturer instructions to complete this process.

Adjust the blade tension

As you loosen the blade tension before removing the blade. Now you have installed a new blade so tight the blade tension. The knob and lever should be tensioned properly.

Test cut

The course of action has been done. Now make a test cut to check the blade is working accurately. A test cut should be done before starting the project. It will give you an idea of whether the tension on the blade is appropriate or not.

Last words

Changing the blade of the saw is not an easy task but in the above discussion, we have made it easy for you. The problem of how to change the blade on the Ryobi scroll saw is now fixed. The readjustment of the blade only needs a little bit of care. If you are confronting the dullness and roughness of the blade you don’t need to go to the market and spend money on its replacement. You can change it professionally. Hopefully, you have learned a lot from our experience.