How Do You Get The Table Saw in Merge Mansion

Merge Mansion is a mobile game in which a table saw is a character. He talks and serves with his wooden handle to cut various things and reconstruct them into new items. He comments honors while helping the player character to restore and recondition a run-down mansion. Table saw helps the player in completing his task throughout the game.

If you are a player, then I have prepared a complete guideline for you on How Do You Get The Table Saw in Merge Mansion? Though it’s a little bit challenging game as you are required to reach at least 30 levels to unlock it. But I have made this complicated game easier for you as it is very interesting to do. You can easily get the character named table saw in the merge mansion within 5 days.

Before progressing toward table saw you will get some tasks which you have to complete. Unlocking Rufus Park in the merged mansion is your first task. In the upcoming part of the article, I will tell you how to unlock Rufus Park. The second task will be to Dig out Dirty Paving. You can use a crowbar(C7) and two gardening gloves(L3) to complete it. After that, you can get a free table saw.

How to unlock Rufus Park?

Rufus Park is the name of the area in the merge-mentioned game. It is very important to clear it before getting a table saw tool. If you have reached your 30th level in the game you can unlock Rufus Park. It is the 19th area in the game and it starts from 19-1 and ends at 19-63. Players love to play such challenging games as once all the tasks are done the area will be cleaned and Rufus Park will be opened.

 12 tasks to do in Rufus Park

There are some important tasks to do in Rufus Park to clear it.

  1. Remove all the piles of rubbish and leaves.
  2. Cut all the fallen and dry trees, merge and clear the bushes.
  3. Remove rocks and construct new bridges to reach new areas.
  4. Restore all the park’s facilities.
  5. Clear the molehill.
  6. Remove churns
  7. Remove the tile pile.
  8. Cut down elm trees.
  9. Remove all the dead leaves whether in a corner or an open area.
  10. Clear out broken vase pieces.
  11. Remove the dirty shed and detach the broken shed.
  12. Dig out dirty paving.

These tasks begin from levels 19-1 to 19-15. You are equipped with all the items you need to complete these tasks.And the items include knife(L6),Mop(L9),Bolt cutters(L10),Duster(L8),Crowbar(L7),Spade(L5),Gardening gloves(L3),Dustpan(L7),Wheelbarrow(L9) and Hammer(L6).

After completing every level you win a reward also and as the reward for completion of the last level you get a free table saw.

Benefits of using the table saw in merge mansion

Though it is not easy to get the table saw in the merged mansion as it requires a 30th level to do before getting the table saw. But it also has many advantages with challenges. Many people ask questions about the benefits of using a table saw.

As far as the question is concerned, what are the benefits of using a table saw in a merge mansion(How Do You Get The Table Saw in Merge Mansion)? So, the answer is here. let me clarify for you again table saw is not a tool or part of the game but you can get it for free by achieving some levels to beautify your mansion.

The table saw uses his wooden hand to create wooden items like planks and pencils. The right way to use a table saw is to solve puzzles with its help.

Though the table saw is not an integral part of the game, it is a necessary tool to move ahead. As it instructs you how to use a table saw in real life. It is helpful in woodworking like cutting trees, trimming, and resizing. It helps with its wooden hand to make planks and hammers. It trims and resizes trees according to the desired shape of the wood. And in the end, play an important part in finishing the work.

What to do if problems occur in getting a table saw in a merge mansion?

If you confront some problems while getting a How Do You Get The Table Saw in Merge Mansion, here are some solutions to these problems.

Many mansion games have proper guides and online forums to resolve the problems of users. You can visit online forums to ask questions.

If you are not getting your solution from the online forum you should contact the games support team. Where you can report your problems. They will provide the maximum information to fix your problem.

You have another option to restart the game. First, close it and then reopen it. Maybe your problem will get fixed by doing this.

If you are still facing the problem then uninstall your game and sometimes reinstall it. All of your problems will get fixed.


In conclusion, the addition of a table saw in the merge mansion game makes it more interesting and challenging. I have discussed how to get the table saw in the merged mansion. By following all the above-mentioned steps you can easily get the tool and its advantages. As it helps the player and makes the game more fascinating. Sometimes problems occur while playing which can be solved by using online forums, updating the game, and restarting or updating the game. Merge Mansion is a lovely game and we all love to play it.