Best battery-operated chainsaw

A battery-operated chainsaw is a type of chainsaw that is powered by a rechargeable battery instead of a traditional electric cord. It provides the uninterrupted availability of power to continue the project without any breaks.

Many people are looking for the best battery-operated chainsaw because it uses less power compared to the corded saw. A long time ago in the field of woodworking, there was no advanced technology to give the services of a corded saw. But now the time has changed and every reputed company tends to design battery-operated saws for the convenience of woodworkers and enhance perfection in work with low power consumption.

These cordless saws are best for low power consumption and performance. They have a long battery life and a huge capacity when the saw is not connected to the power supplier. In this article, we will discuss the qualities of a cordless saw in detail and enlist the best brands for you.

Features of the best battery-operated chainsaw

A cordless chainsaw is perfect when it has certain features in it. It will be the best battery-operated chainsaw.

Power and performance

A cordless chainsaw uses less power as compared to a corded saw. With less consumption of power, it performs well. Within a few years, the battery technology has been developed significantly for improved performance.

Battery life

The capacity of the battery and the intensity of the work directly affect the battery life and its runtime. Estimated runtime is provided for specific tasks.

Battery compatibility

A wide range of cordless tools is offered by manufacturers to use them at the same battery platform. You can use a certain brand with the same rechargeable batteries.

Bar length and cutting capacity

Bar length means the maximum length of the wood which can be cut by the chainsaw. Battery-operated chainsaw is the best for pruning and trimming.


A battery-powered chainsaw is usually less in weight as compared to the gas-powered is comfortable to operate.


Maintenance means the long-term use of the tool while taking care of it. A battery-operated saw needs less maintenance as compared to a corded saw. You only need to regularly sharpen the chain and lubricate the necessary parts.

Noise and emission

A cordless saw is an environment-friendly tool as it produces less noise and has no emissions.

List of best battery-operated chainsaw

Worx POWER SHARE 20V 10-inch cordless chainsaw

Worx POWER SHARE 20V 10-inch cordless chainsaw,
Best battery-operated chainsaw

Word power share 20V is best for light is not capable of felling large trees. But it can surely perform small projects with 100% accuracy. It can cut branches, small logs, and clear is a compact, fast, and powerful tool with plenty of battery runtime.

It is a noise-free cordless chainsaw that doesn’t emit harmful and smelly fumes. With the affordable price, you are given a huge variety of features by the is equipped with automatic chain lubrication, and an automatic chain tension system to avoid overtightening.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Compact and sturdy 
  • Powerful tool


  • Can’t cut large trees
  • Some complaints about leaking oil

Husqvarna 120i 14-inch cordless chainsaw

Husqvarna 120i 14-inch cordless chainsaw,
Best battery-operated chainsaw

Husqvarna is the best tool for beginners. It is also capable of performing small projects like cutting small branches and logs. It comes with a 14-inch bar and a 40 V battery. The battery performance is quite brilliant. If you want to use the saw and want to make uninterrupted trimming and cutting push the other keyboard button for maximum run time.

By turning the control you can easily adjust the chain tension. The self-lubrication and self-oiling system allow the chain to run smoothly. The caps automatically flip when there is a need for a refill. In the case of low maintenance and in bad conditions the battery is able to run effectively. It doesn’t bother you. Overall this cordless saw is the best addition to your woodworking tools.


  • Maximum battery life
  • Quite stable
  • Automatic safety system


  • Battery life is more but it reduces over time

Ego Power + CS 1800 

Ego Power + CS 1800 ,
Best battery-operated chainsaw,

A fairly quick and powerful tool with a long battery life. During testing, it was noticed that it is able to make the fastest cuts. its specifications are loved by the woodworkers and made it the top-rated brand. Its features include ease to use, accuracy in performance, LED light, metal bucking spikes, and an 18-inch bar. All these features are available at a low price.

It can’t complete the job quickly. The bar length is more for the smaller projects. With long battery life, this brand comes with easy-to-use methods.


  • Powerful in performance
  • LED light 
  • Affordable price
  • Metal bucking spikes
  • Long bar
  • Easy chain tensioning
  • Slow in speed


Stihl MSA 220 C-B Battery Powered chainsaw

Best battery-operated chainsaw,
Stihl MSA 220 C-B Battery Powered chainsaw,

The recent test of Stihl MSA 220 declared it a remarkable product by the manufacturers. its weight is only 3 pounds but it is able to punch well above its weight. It is capable of cutting a tree of 8 inches. It works so fast that it can cut the entire tangled chest deep in only 15 minutes. The saw is so light to be carried and easy to tackle the branches, bushes, and the trunk of the tree. Many woodworkers prefer to use this tool because of its lightweight and easy handling capability.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Small and affordable


  • Not for big projects

Greenwoods commercial 82-Volt 20-inch Chainsaw 82CS34

Greenwoods commercial 82-Volt 20-inch Chainsaw 82CS34,

Best battery-operated chainsaw

Greenwoods are one the three most powerful battery-equipped chainsaws. Its manufacturers claim the highest battery power and well-dust-settled saw. It is used by numerous homeowners and professionals to get the large properties of this model for small projects. Its battery is 4.0Ah which is a strong battery life while the 20-inch saw is available for its 60V residential lineup. The uninterrupted availability of power with less power consumption is now can be enjoyed for a few hundred dollars. That is the reason it is a most recommended saw.


  • 4.0Ah battery and charger
  • Best for small projects
  • Uninterrupted power supplier
  • Consume less power
  • Long battery life


  • Not compatible to perform big projects

Final thoughts

It can be summarized that a battery-powered chain saw is the best saw as compared to gas-powered models. It gives an uninterrupted power supply with less consumption. The best battery-powered chainsaw is that which gives better performance with long runtime. It should be compatible to use with other brands also. All of these prerequisites are fulfilled by the above-mentioned products. We have fetched these products after thorough research and hope you will be benefited from our experiences.